More PC power consumption figures

I’ve tested the power consumption of a couple more typical University desktop PCs. I also had some feedback on the shocking 9W consumed by the Viglen Genie I tested while it was ‘switched off’. More recent Viglens only use a much more reasonable 2W while switched off/asleep, which just shows the advances made in motherboard and power supply design. The older Viglens will of course get replaced in a couple of years, but until then we will have to live with their inefficiency .

System Switched off Sleep mode In use Screens off
Viglen Genie desktop (old) 9W 9W 90W 47W
Viglen Genie desktop (new) 2W 2W 90W 45W
Dell Latitude E4210 laptop
(2 19″ screens)
5W 5W 80W 38W
Dell Optiplex 760 desktop 2W 4W 80W 48W
Dell Optiplex 745 desktop 4W 4W 90W 45W
iMac desktop (27″ screen) 2W 2W 130W 90W

If you want to test your own PC, you can borrow a power meter from the desk on Level 3 of the Hartley Library.

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